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We know that finding the right candidates for your team can be difficult. As your recruitment partner, we believe in a human and effective approach. We not only analyze your industry from the outside – we are part of it and understand what it takes to get in touch with the right candidates.

We are able to discuss the requirements with you or your team on an equal footing and understand exactly what you need to achieve your goals. Enjoy not only success with us, but a positive, exciting experience that will enrich you and your team also for the future.

Our Service
for You

Placement of Permanent Employees

We fill your open vacancies with permanent IT specialists (see expertise) with the goal of generating long-term, healthy and great cooperation.

Mediation of Freelancers

Our freelance IT specialists (see expertise) are now available for your IT needs and can be booked from a project duration of 6 months.

Applicants Check

Every permanent employee and freelancer is technically and technically tested by our professionals for your requirements. Rounded off with the reference examination and the motivation test you will receive tailor-made applicant profiles.

Executive Search

Finding a Head of Department, CTO, Divisional Director, Chief Architect, Team Leader, VP Software Development etc. requires a lot of time or planning and networking. Whether it is a replacement or a complete redevelopment of a department, we maintain the right contacts for it and have earned us years of trust for you and your needs.

Our search strategy
& the interview process


Needs Analysis

In order to sustainably maintain the quality of information for our candidate pool, a detailed needs analysis is indispensable. In this first step with you, we will include all the essential information to make your job easier and to answer in advance many of the candidates’ open questions. to the technological requirements in depth.


Individual Job Description

The information about the requirements, the company, the team, the project or the product, etc., obtained through the needs analysis, is used to create a job description for our applicant pool or network.


Network Search & CV Databases

In our networks of social media platforms, our recruitment consultants only address the experts who are active and passive (direct search approach) for job offers and meet your requirements, and qualify these equally referenced applicants for open vacancies in your company. Otherwise, our team uses various databases with millions of IT CVs and filters out the relevant IT specialists for you to directly address and qualify them for your needs. The resulting top selection will be provided in the form of CVs with additional relevant information.


First Interview

Here you get the first opportunity to get to know the applicants and to exchange information through the preferred communication tool. The following ones are usually used: telephone, Skype, Google Hangouts etc. We will gladly arrange the appointment coordination with the candidate in consultation with you. This can be the first introductory talk as well as the final. It always depends on the internal recruitment process of your company. In any case, we discuss the first impression gained with you and forward the feedback to our candidate.


Personal Job Interview

After all, the personal job interview with the applicants usually follows at your place. Often, this conversation serves as confirmation of the first impression from the first interview and, of course, to look each other in the eye. After you have exchanged with the applicant, the negotiation talks with the resulting offer goes to the respective candidate. At the end of the process, you will receive the final contract signed from the applicant.

Of course, the steps and the sequences of the interview process mentioned above can be adapted to your wishes. So that, for example, a trial day or technical test can be planned and carried out as an intermediate step!

Modern IT recruitment
Your advantages

Speed ​​with Quality

In no time you will receive applicant profiles that not only meet your requirements, but also bring the desired motivation and fit in with your team.

Individual Search

We reach the unreachable through our direct search approach. You save a great deal of effort and can easily use other highly competent capacities for your ongoing projects.

Specialized Contact Persons

Our team of specialized IT personnel consultants is always there for you. You can use multiple or single teammates as the main contact, and every consultant is always well informed about you, your requirements, processes and the current state of affairs.

Experience in the IT Environment

Our professionals are focused exclusively on IT. You can rely on our years of experience and enjoy the highest level of personnel services.

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