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Direct Contact with Supervisors of IT Companies

We know what matters and are in direct contact with the department heads, CTOs etc. This gives you the chance to learn more about the project / product and the challenges than any job ad can provide.

Challenges at Real Reputable IT Market Leaders

These are not self-proclaimed leading companies we serve, but high-tech companies that make headlines in the IT world every day. They are technology pioneers, multi-nominated Nobel Prize winners, the inventors of today’s and daily-use applications in private and industrial applications, which offer you unbelievable advantages as an employer. Find out more, contact us and let your dream job come true.

Preparation for Each Interview

You will be accompanied by us from start to finish and prepared intensively for each next step, because our professionals know what really matters in the conversation and how you can react to a tricky job interview in certain situations. We support you with tips for the telephone interview and personal interview.

Update Your CV

CV obsolete? No problem. We give you free tips and tricks on how you can best shape your career to make your expertise / personality even better presented and made to shine with your new “business card”.

We Negotiate forYyou

The whole package has to be right. Whether holidays, company cars, bonuses, salary, we negotiate, after consultation with you, everything with the employer in your favor to save you bargaining. Let us experts negotiate, and you enjoy your final triumph.

Exklusive Job Offers


From start to finish step by step


Contact Us

You can reach us via almost any channel, whether social media platforms, job advertisements, email or telephone, we are always there for you and will be happy to answer any questions directly and with the shortest response time. Otherwise, we will contact you directly with an individual and tailored to your profile job offer on the above channels with the aim to inspire you for the next step and the required exchange of information.


This is How We get to Know Each Other

After we have exchanged our contact data, you will be informed professionally, technically and personally about the job offer and the further process by one of our consultants in an agreed time by phone or in person for the respective job. You will receive various information material about the position and thus you can already gain deep insights about the future company and its projects / products to be 100% sure right from the start.


Your CV = Your Business Card

Following our first meeting, we require your work experience as a CV or resume for the next step. Before you let us know, we will give you a few tips on how today’s CV should look and what really matters, otherwise you will receive suggestions for improvement if necessary. In addition, we will explain the next step to you and forward your documents along with the additional information received to the head of department or specialist or supervisor.


The Telephone Interview

With receipt of a positive feedback within approx. 48 hours (depends on the client), you will receive a telephone notification and a written invitation to the telephone interview, of course after agreement on your availability. Otherwise, in most cases, you will also receive a direct invitation from the future supervisor. Depending on the company, the first and possibly last interview can be made by telephone or other communication tools. You will receive further information for this telephone interview and will pe prepared from one of our consultants. This is about information regarding the content of the interview and the technical challenges.


Personal Job Interview

The prerequisite for the personal interview is first and foremost your agreement and the further interest on the part of the head of department after the first telephone interview. We also prepare you for the personal interview, as this conversation is mostly about the confirmation of the first impression of the first interview and some other topics. Finally, they look at the nose factor or whether you are suitable for the team.


Contract Negotiations

After you have successfully completed all phases, the conditions are negotiated in a telephone call. Of course, since we also want to act in your interest and to make the cooperation as pleasant as possible with our customer so that you can build a long-term relationship, we recommend leaving the negotiation talks to your advantage. Otherwise, this part is also up to you, if the desire exists.

The order, duration or process is very dynamic and can vary depending on the applicant or company. This can also create processes that require an adjustment test or a trial day.

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We are in contact with the most sought-after top IT companies. Your dream job is literally a phone call away.

Personal & Supportive

With a professional at your side, you will be accompanied throughout the process from the application documents to the draft contract with tips & recommendations.

Short Processes

You speak directly in the first step with the decision makers and your future team, the shortest way to secure a place at your desired company.


We are specialized personnel consultants and work exclusively in the IT environment. We understand your expertise, wishes and expectations and fulfil them to the fullest satisfaction.

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